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Edna Wilkinson

She went to school at Eagle Pass, Tx. She didn’t finish school but got her G.E.D. She was a full time mother. Her first job was working as a caregiver for Nurses Unlimited for 3 year. Her second job is here at Young Expression Daycare. She have been working for almost 9 years. She start working with the toddlers class and was move to infant room for 3 years. She was move back to pre-k for summer for 2 years. Currently, she is a caregiver for infants and a teacher afterschool and working for Mrs. Jazmin.


Yordeth Hernandez

Yordeth went to school in Eagle Pass, Texas. She studied and worked for 5 months at Payless. After two years, she moved to Dallas where she worked as a host in a restaurant. Six months later, she moved down to Waco to work as a caregiver at Young Expression Day Care. She has been caring for infants for a number of years. Today, she works in the Infant Room caring for newborns.


Sherrun Miligan

Sherrun has been working with kids for eight years now. She loves it so much and the kids love her too. She likes playing with the children and watching them grow. Being in the business has taught her that something about being kids makes her heart melt.

She is kind, caring, patient, friendly, personable, and has great skills in problem solving. She especially loves to care for and work with kids. It is her dream to be working as an aide in child care. She is also excited to open her own child care center in the future.



Regina has been working with children for 9 years starting where she started as an assistant in the Infant Room. She later cared for children in the Toddlers Room and Pre-K. She is also the bus driver at Young Expression Day Care.


Tondolaya Washington

At 24 years old, Tondolaya has a lot of work experiences from working in fast food service and some temp services agency. She is a high school graduate and completed training from vocational school in 2003. She started working at Young Expression Day Care in November 2017. She also did a year of Business Management classes at Headford Community College.


Maria Ramos

Maria G. Ramos is 50 years old. She has a G.E.D. and spent several years of college in MCC. She first started working in retail and later in 1988, she worked as a teacher’s helper at Locy Lakeview Handicap School for 6 months. Most of her years, she worked in the bakery for 3 different grocery stores. She attended ATI training school in 2010 for Medical Assistant Training and graduated in 2011 with a 4.0 GPA. She started working with kids again on April of 2017 at Waco Child Care and has been part of the staff at Young Expression Day Care since February 2018. She loves her job and caring for kids.


Valencia Lakay Pearson

Valencia Lakay Pearson or more fondly called “Kay” has been working with children for over eight years. She is a mother of three beautiful girls and a grandmother to six grandchildren. She also has taken in other children into here home. She has always love to work with children ever since she was a little girl, starting off by babysitting her nieces and nephews. Before getting into childcare, she worked in a fast food restaurant for 15 years as the manager. She decided to quit from fast food business and focus on childcare. Kay is certified with CPR and child safety, along with other certificates concerning childcare. She is very hard working, works long hours and is always willing to help whoever in need.


TKola D. Tillman

TKola has been working with children for the last two and a half years. She loves her work which started as a teacher’s aide and later becoming a teacher. She also worked 8 and a half years in Home Health Care. She is CPR certified and trained in babysitting. She is very hard working, respectful and would not hesitate to put in long hours for her job.


Thelma Jean Rice

Thelma Rice has been working with children since 1991. She started at Headstart Center as an Assistant Teacher and then became a Lead Teacher. Later, she became Acting Director.

While employed at Headstart Center, Thelma earned her credentials for Child Development Associate as well as other kinds of training at Melennan Community College, developing the whole child, parent, family & community engagement.

Some of her trainings and work experiences include:

Medication Training 2017

  • Safety Matters
  • Minimum Standard Rules for Licensed Child-care
  • Asst. to Center Director EOAC 1991-1998 Centers
  • Child Development Associate 1998
  • Best Teacher of the year 1996 and 1998
  • Child Abuse Detection and Prevention First Aid
  • Early Behavior Problems in children ages 2-5
  • Baylor University Math, Cooking, Blocks, Writing, Science for 3, 4, and 5 years old
  • Hearing and Vision Certification 2016
  • SID and Shake Baby 2017
  • Civil Rights 2017Family Style Meal Service 2017
  • Communicable Disease 2017
  • School Readiness 2017
  • Cultural Diversity 2017
  • Conscious Discipline 2017
  • Active Child Supervision 2017
  • Family Support Matters 2017
  • Child Abuse & Neglect Mandatory Reporters 2017
  • ABA Behavior/Child Discipline 2017
  • Upholstery Certificate TSTC 1980-1981
  • Tailoring Certificate MDTA 1971-1972
  • College hours, Child Guidance, Creative Art 2
  • Child Growth and Development 2001

She has worked with children for 27 years. At Young Expression, Thelma has been working as the Director since Nov 27, 2017. She loves her job and loves working with children and their parents.


Judy K. Lewis

Judy K. Lewis started in the child care profession in August of 1975 as an infant caregiver at Alphabet Child Care Center on Witt Street. When the child care center moved to W. Waco drive, she became the Pre-K teacher and remained there until Mr. & Mrs. Neal moved to Waco and opened A Firm Foundation in September of 1979. She was made director by Trudia Peak and Joe Sutterin. In 1989, she entered into child care classes at M.C.C.

After the Neal’s moved back to Mississippi, Judy became the director for Jones Christian Academy on Cherry Street for Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Jones and remained until the center closed. After they closed due to her death, she was the infant child caregiver at Living Word Academy until she left to work as Pre-K teacher at Laura Edwards Learning Center.

She left to teach as Instructional Aide at Dare’s Miller Elementary School and returned to Laura Edwards as Infant Care Provider from 2001-2003. She was later employed by E.O.D.C Early Childhood Development Center on Clay Street from 2003-2008.

At this point, Dr. Neal moved back to Texas and they opened Young Expression Learning Center. She earned her Child Development Associate Certification from Washington D.C. through M.C.C. with the financial assistant from E.O.D.C in 2003. She was the director at Young Expression Day Care from 2008-2010. Unfortunately, Judy became disabled so she returned in 2011 to Living Word Academy from October to December. Later still, she went to Faith Academy as Afterschool Teacher from July 2012 to August 2012.


Jasmine Neal Director

Jasmine is a young professional that is passionate about providing quality child care to children of all ages. She has a Bachelor of Administration in Management Degree from Jackson State University and is currently enrolled part-time to receive her Masters of Business Administration Degree at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.

She also holds a Director’s Credential certifying her to be child care Director qualified in the state of Texas. Jasmine has 5 plus years of child care experience, 9 plus years of experience in customer service and 2 plus years of experience in management. She has proven to have a great drive for success as well as very active within the community. She enjoys making a difference in the lives of young children.